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Benidorm, gorgeous food

Benidorm is an espectacular place to enjoy holidays at any time of year. This is confirmed by the almost 400,000 travelers, of all nationalities, that every year welcomes this city in the summer.

With every kind of leisure, for all ages, it is consolidated like one of the best cities in Costa Blanca, to enjoy the holiday freedom. Its microclimate, especially warm, makes everyone could live there all year, even when in Spain is cold an cloudy, in Benidorm we can see people enjoing the sun in the beach or taking a refreshing bath at the Mediterraean sea.

But today we will focus at the center of Benidorm, that place flooded by restaurants and tapas bars, with prices more than reasonable, from Navarre to Cadiz, each and every one of them offer special and original tapas in the commonly called "Zona de los Vascos".

The small streets crowded with chairs and tables on the terraces create a unique and cozy climate inevitably condition to take a beer enjoying and typical "fried fish", “bravas” or a juicy plate of ham, among other culinary wonders that this Space offers.

If we visit Benidorm we can not leave aside this fantastic area where to learn, taste and enjoy specialties typical of the Spanish gastronomy. It is difficult to say which of these places can be better than another, we must try them all to be able to compare and that our palates are the ones that decide which of all is the one that we liked the most and wich one we will visit again.

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