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The Benidorm City Council wants to increase the protection and conservation of one of its greatest icons (if not the most famous), the mythical island of Benidorm.

One of the most recognized geographical forms of national and even international tourism. A few kilometers from Benidorm, this "rock" stands on the Mediterranean, 73 meters high above sea level and 350 meters long. Protagonist of all the postcards and photographs that have been taken throughout the history of tourism in the capital of the Costa Blanca, it seems to remain "impassive" over the years.

View of the Benidorm island from 'Sierra Helada'. / Photo: @mi_wel

It is uninhabited, but this does not mean that the Benidorm island ceases to be a claim and image of the city, being part of the logo of many companies (including ours) as it is the benchmark in its own right of the Costa Blanca. If you want to know more information and history about the island, be sure to read the post we wrote about it.

What was called "Island of Journalists" in the 1960s (to achieve public ownership of the island with the support of the press), has been "exploited" in a "privatized" way, perhaps too much throughout the years, and it has not been without controversy.

The islet that due to its natural importance has been included as part of the Sierra Helada Natural Park, whose environment both on the surface and on its seabed is home to birds, plants and fish whose species have been threatened; It is also a paradise for lovers of responsible diving.

But the controversy comes as a result of the bar that is on its pier, with a license from the 60s and in the crosshairs of environmental groups for allegedly dumping its waste into the sea, thus wreaking havoc on the characteristic nature of the place.

The current pier on the Benidorm island. / Photo: Diario Público

The pandemic, which for better or for worse, is changing everything; has made the future of the island now pass through the hands of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, which has refused to legalize the situation of the hotel site as we know it until now. And apparently, a project is being carried out to create a Natural Interpretation Center on the Benidorm island, and thus convert the current hotel establishment into an environmental interpretation center. Not only to ensure that the island continues to be visited by thousands of tourists and citizens throughout the year; if not also to publicize the history and environmental importance of this little piece of land that nature has given us. And thus guarantee that the island remains with the proper care and vigilance that it deserves to be part of a protected natural park as it is.

Sketch of the future Natural Interpretation Center of the Benidorm island. / Photo: Alicante Plaza

But do not panic, you can continue visiting the island and doing the activities that until now could be done on it. Of course, with a control. It is intended that the entire management be effective by the Benidorm City Council both for the creation of the new center, as well as for the conservation of this important enclave and the control of the flow of visitors; as long as an agreement is reached with the Ministry, without making concessions of the island to anyone.

The island of Benidorm is home to a multitude of endangered species, such as the "Silene Hifacensis" in the photograph.

In the words of the Benidorm mayor, Toni Pérez:

“We propose that since it is going to undertake this change, that they know that the Benidorm City Council is interested in redefining those spaces to turn them into an interpretation center on the Serra Gelada Natural Park that, we remember, has a very important part that it is underwater and rests largely on the island and its surroundings ”. Therefore, and as Pérez recalls, "it is the State that has the final decision on what can or cannot be done on the island."

“This government team intends that the island of Benidorm is not an exclusive territory for those who have their own boat, have a friend who has a boat, have a jet ski or money to rent it. What I want is for Benidorm's neighbor and its tourists to be able, if they wish, to go to the island. Regardless of their age or their purchasing power ”.

View of Benidorm from the highest point of the island. / Photo: Wikiloc

Hopefully all this comes to fruition (pun intended), and an agreement is reached between the Benidorm and regional authorities to achieve the proper conservation, protection and dissemination of our "little" great symbol, the island of Benidorm.

(Source: 'Aquí en Benidorm' Journal #16)


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