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Every city worth its salt has its festivals dedicated to art in any of its expressions, and Benidorm cannot be less. The film festival of the city of Benidorm, 'Skyline Film Festival', year after year gains more strength, and despite the current health crisis, it is receiving a 'record' of participation for this 2021 edition.

Due to the current pandemic, the celebration of the fifth edition of this year's festival has been moved to summer, to guarantee greater participation by participants and the public. The adaptability of this event has been very positive, since in 2020 it already showed its versatility by adapting to the circumstances arising from the pandemic and opted for a 100% online edition.

455 works have been registered, of which 40 will compete in the sections of the contest, so the quality and competence of this new edition will be greater than in previous editions. On the other hand, an official section is also being launched at the European level, so it is now more international than ever.

Awards from the 'Skyline Festival'. / Photo 'Diario Información'.

As the Benidorm councilor for culture has been able to express: “the start of this edition could not be better, exceeding the number of films by 150 compared to the previous year; an upward trend in participation that we are convinced will also take place in the script contest, whose registration is open until March 1 ”.

These numbers undoubtedly indicate that the Benidorm Film Festival is gaining visibility and notoriety within the seventh art sector, being increasingly known within film distributors and producers.

Thus, the Skyline Benidorm Film Festival has seven sections in competition: European, national fiction, national animation, national documentary and national in Valencian, sustainability and students. Other non-competitive sections that are being outlined will be added to the competitive sections; as well as the script contest and the 'Short Pitch', intended for projects in the development phase. In the section for scripts, the deadline remains open until March 1, and each author may submit a maximum of three, with a free theme. In addition to the financial prizes, prizes are awarded for production, direction, best photography and the best original soundtrack. The prize for the best 'Short Pitch' for example, is valued at € 12,000 for the winner.

Benidorm turns to the seventh art during the celebration of the festival. / Photo: 'El Periòdic'.

Year after year, the festival has made its way thanks to its rising quality, and they have made it and its awards an attractive event for directors and film fans from all over the country; turning the tourist city of the Costa Blanca into the capital of cinema during the days it is celebrated.

Regarding the date for the celebration of the Skyline Festival, it is intended that online activities be combined with face-to-face activities, in order to regain the feeling of seeing cinema projected in the theater again. For this reason, it has been decided to postpone the festival until the end of June, when the current health situation has improved, but always with the relevant security measures in any event.

The date chosen therefore, and if everything goes according to plan, is from June 25 to July 4. In addition, the festival will launch a website in the coming days, so you can be informed at all times, both of the bases for the contest and to know all the news until its celebration.

If you are a fan of good cinema, you have a pending appointment with Benidorm.

Official 'Skyline Festival' logo.

(Fuente: / DiarioInformación / AlicantePlaza)

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