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Benidorm City Council brings us this magnificent contemporary art exhibition.

The art lovers that you meet during these days in Benidorm are in luck. Well, during these days and until March 15 of this year, you can enjoy freely and for free the magnificent painting exhibition 'La mirada del otro', the contemporary portrait in Alicante painting.

This artistic exhibition, which began on January 15, takes place at the Boca del Calvari Museum, located on Tomás Ortuño street, in the historic center of the city. As a significant fact, tell you that this museum was previously the headquarters of the Benidorm City Council.

Boca del Calvari Museum, on Tomás Ortuño street.

The portrait is a pictorial genre with a long tradition in the history of art. The function of the portrait is traditionally the representation of a person. But currently it is characterized by the subjectivity of each artist; with enormous diversity in its treatment and abstract techniques with which to capture the different visions of the world and society, in whose works the viewers is also the protagonists and can draw their own conclusions from themselves.

The effect of Omar Arráez's art is really impressive.

Painters such as Rosalía Banet, Omar Arráez, Víctor Cámara, Xavi García, Ut Walden, Carlos Llorens, Hunter87 and Silvia Viana participate in this artistic gallery. Eight renowned and reference artists from the southern regions of the Valencian Community. In the words of the Councilor for Historical Heritage of Benidorm, Ana Pellicer, they show the quality of art, culture and, in this case, “painting and portraiture in our city”.

Art by Carlos Llorens from Benidorm.

#BenidormExpone, the label that encompasses all the exhibitions scheduled by the City Council, is the brand that brings art and culture to our city that we can enjoy completely free of charge in its museums, streets and galleries. In the case of this exhibition, it has been emphasized that all the participants in the sample are painters born or who have developed their artistic careers in the province of Alicante; Among them, two from Benidorms: Ut Walden and Carlos LLorens. The first, with his series 'La mirada infinita' addresses abstract art through "action painting". And the second with 'Juntar', creates portraits through collages of old magazines.

Series of abstract portraits 'La mirada infinita', by Ut Walden, an artist from Benidorm.

On the part of the rest of the artists, Omar Arráez with 'Retratos del papel', as his name suggests, manages to create portraits through the folds and lighting of the paper, the result of which is impressive.

Hunter87, creator of 'La serie sobre los marineros de la Vila' is a specialist in urban art, and in this series he has used photographs printed on wooden planks capturing the experiences of the hard lives of the protagonists at sea.

Xavi García is a painter who perfectly masters abstract art, and in this series ('Las niñas tristes') he presents current social portraits in which he shows "the concerns towards today's society". For her part, Rosalía Banet with her 'Las siamesas golosas' plays with the duality that society creates in people, "expressing what society expects us to be and what we really are".

'Las siamesas golosas' by Rosalía Banet.

Silvia Viana, with her classic technique, exhibits 'La vigilante de amapolas', creating a very political and denouncing message towards social problems.

And finally, Víctor Cámara with his series of portraits 'Dime lo que es tuyo y lo que no es tuyo', shows us with his paintings with mixed techniques, how he perceives the 21st century, analyzing it and capturing his point of view with certain doses in the mood.

This exhibition, the first of the year, kicks off the 2021 agenda at the Boca del Calvari Museum. And it will delight all those visitors who dare and take a walk around the site. Even if you are not familiar with art, we assure you 100% that it is worth it and you will love it.

Beautiful painting by Silvia Viana, 'La vigilante de amapolas'.'.

In the following link we leave you download the catalog of the exhibition 'The look of another', provided by the Benidorm City Council:

(Source: / Elperiòdic)

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