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The views from the 'Mirador de la Cruz de Benidorm' are truly impressive.

Benidorm, as we will not tire of repeating, contains places with a special charm and views that will leave you with words. One such place is the impressive 'Mirador de la Cruz' in the Sierra Helada. At 217 meters above sea level, the Benidorm Cross rises, visible in practically the entire city of the Costa Blanca when looking towards Levante.

The City Council, in its plan to renovate and improve accessibility to its points of greatest tourist interest, has perfected the environment that surrounds the mythical viewpoint, incorporating street furniture, signage and new lighting.

Process of the works during the past month of February. / Photo: Diario Información

Since September last year, access to vehicles was prohibited in its last section, leaving it fully enabled for pedestrian use, something that will undoubtedly improve its conservation and beauty.

675 meters of road have been repainted for a total of 1,350 square meters of surface, several granite benches, picnic areas and wastebaskets have also been installed to keep the environment cleaner.

At the same time, new signage has been placed in all sections of the route to 'La Cruz' and twenty-seven streetlights with LED technology have been installed to improve both their lighting and energy sustainability, from the access control point at the beginning at the roundabout on Pekín Street.

In the opinion of the local authorities, this improvement is due to the fact that "'La Cruz' constitutes one of the emblematic points of the city and is the goal of healthy walks and physical activity routes that are carried out every day from different parts of Benidorm ".

The sunsets from 'La Cruz' are truly unique. / Photo: @mi_wel

Being one of the most visited tourist spots in the city, these improvements represent an exponential change in the quality of a natural environment that is so close to the urban center. This will allow you to enjoy much more of a privileged environment and its wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea, the Benidorm skyline and its surroundings.

The Department of Historical Heritage has also placed several graphic supports illustrating with images the placement in 1961 and the history of this monument, now belonging to the Sierra Helada Natural Park.

In addition, access to the park from Avenida Alcalde Manuel Catalán Chana, on the foothills of the mountains, has also been improved, reactivating its functionality and mobility of circulation.

Posters with images of the history of 'La Cruz' have been installed. / Photo: Visit Benidorm

For the mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, the works have resided "in the renovation and extension of the sidewalks that now offer 1.95 meters wide and curb at the top, which means safety and accessibility." At the same time, a new lighting system "that offers energy efficiency and economic savings" has been available.

But these improvement reforms will not end here, the next action, announced the mayor, will take place on the continuation of the avenue, on Sierra Dorada street, which continues the access route to the 'Serra Gelada Natural Park' and therefore to 'La Cruz', with “the construction of new sidewalks and more lighting.” Something that will undoubtedly please the hundreds of visitors who daily use this route to walk and play sport.

The last stretch of ascent to 'La Cruz de Benidorm' is now only enabled for pedestrians.

(Sources: Diario Información / Visit Benidorm)


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