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We explain why this curious and beautiful phenomenon happens in Benidorm.

If you are in Benidorm right now, or you follow accounts on social networks related to the city; You will have been surprised by the curious fog that has covered the city during these almost two days. Do not be scared, it is a rather surprising and unusual meteorological phenomenon, but totally natural and not at all strange, which is perhaps more typical of locations of higher altitude than in the middle of the coastal landscape. Without a doubt, it has left us postcards of great beauty by contrasting with the skyscrapers of the city, "erasing" such iconic buildings as the 'In Tempo', the 'Gran Hotel Bali' and even the island of Benidorm itself.

The fog has totally "erased" the island of Benidorm.

Well, this sea mist is quite "characteristic" during this time of year in the tourist town. To speak properly we should call it advection fog, and it has an explanation, in this post we will detail it.

This phenomenon is produced by the arrival of a tropical air pocket through the Mediterranean Sea, which contrasts with the low temperatures of its waters at this time of year. The entry of this warm air loaded with humidity collides with the temperature of the high seas waters that are around -10ºC, thus causing these dense layers of fog through the condensation of said humidity, and causing the advent of this compact fog it goes from the sea to the city "devouring" its charismatic skyline.

This mist is dense but brief at the same time.

In other words: masses of hot, moisture-laden air meet cold surfaces, in this case the sea, which increases relative humidity and ultimately causes condensation.

This phenomenon, also called littoral fog, is characteristic of Benidorm and many other coastal areas, but it is not usual at all (it does not happen every year and sometimes lasts a few hours). It usually happens in snowy landscapes where the warm front moves over cold soils at higher latitudes.

Impressive image of the Benidorm skyline from the 'Lugano Tower'. / Photo: Antena 3

It has left us without a doubt a curious scene of the most cinematographic, but no less beautiful for that. And therefore it has not gone unnoticed on the internet or on social networks. Which have been echoed by hanging a multitude of images of the Alicante city literally "swallowed" by the sea mist. Something worth enjoying, since despite the sensation it gives at first glance, the temperature is still really pleasant.

The effect that the fog causes on the skyscrapers of Benidorm is spectacular. / Photography: AlicantePlaza

Panoramic taken from the 'In Tempo' building. Photography Twitter: @pablobenidorm

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