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Spring has arrived, and with it the tourism sector of the Valencian Community claimed responsibility last week in Benidorm. Giving tourism the importance it deserves in terms of economic recovery in the face of the current pandemic, and being aware that there is still much to do.

In the event held in Benidorm and with the presence of the main tourist associations of the Region, the main motto has been "tourism is the vaccine". The security offered by tourist accommodation and the fact that there has been no contagion in them since the beginning of the health crisis have been emphasized.

The tourism sector is undoubtedly the one that has suffered the most this year, but at the same time it has shown greater strength and professionalism, implementing a multitude of strategies and protocols to guarantee the safety of visitors to our city at all times.

Benidorm is increasingly claimed as a safe tourist destination. Photo: @mi_wel

The mayor of Benidorm recalled details of the past year, highlighting that "during all this time there has been effort, work, cooperation and coordination" to the extent that "everything that could have been said, Benidorm has done." Thus, he highlighted that initiatives such as "accommodation for health workers, in April 20 and again in 2021", or medicalized hotels and several other initiatives have been developed that "have demonstrated the strength of a sector that is much more than that" Pérez insisted on the premise, motto of the event, that #TourismIsTheVaccine. For their part, the main British tour operators schedule flights from May to the Costa Blanca.

In a different vein, the Benidorm City Council is immersed in various efforts and improvements for this year:

Cada vez son más los "nómadas digitales" que eligen Benidorm como el lugar perfecto para trabajar. / Foto: Diario Información

On the one hand, it will double the aid for new freelancers and companies in the city. In order to facilitate and favor the establishment of new businesses in Benidorm capable of generating more employment. Thus giving a new impulse to support entrepreneurs who want to develop their project in a city that is increasingly seen as the ideal destination for various sectors, including digital nomads, professionals who telecommute in different parts of the world and search for cities. comfortable to live in with adapted spaces, finding the ideal place in Benidorm.

And on the other hand, it will also be in charge of the management of urban transport in the city to improve its efficiency and promote its use not only by tourists, but also among workers and residents. Thus processing their routes, stops and rates.

In the words of the City Council: "All this with the aim of having a quality, effective and efficient collective urban public transport, thus overcoming the deficiencies that the current service drags".

Benidorm will improve the management of its urban transport. / Photo: Visit Benidorm

As you can see, Benidorm is not "standing still" when it comes to improving both its infrastructures and accessibility for both tourism and its inhabitants in the face of this new stage.

(Sources: Diario Información / Alicante Plaza / El Periòdic)


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