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The management of the beaches of Benidorm were a success and will be repeated.

The security measures that the city of Benidorm adopted since last year for the management of its beaches have become an example for the rest of the tourist destinations for this season.

In this year 2021, thanks to the vaccination campaign and the excellent figures regarding the reduction and control of infections, they make us look towards the summer with desire and hope, so that plans are already being worked on again. the enjoyment of our beaches is again as safe as possible.

As we have said, already in 2020, the Benidorm Beach Council managed to adapt to the most difficult situation ever experienced in terms of tourism. After several reductions in the region regarding restrictions, Benidorm for the moment with caution, is entrusted to interior tourism between provinces for this Easter.

View of the Levante beach last June 2020.

In these changing circumstances due to the uncertainty regarding the pandemic, the tourist capital of the Costa Blanca wants to turn its excellent beaches into a safe place of enjoyment for the rest of the year. So in these weeks Benidorm has finally resumed the reparcelling of its sandy areas, a measure that caused several controversies but that in the end worked, convinced and that now, a year after its implementation, it is even demanded by bathers.

The councilor for beaches of Benidorm, Mónica Gómez, has expressed that it was a challenge to implement this plan due to the short time available in that day and the doubts that arose, since the beaches of Benidorm are among the most popular and busy on the planet. "They are unique and incomparable beaches, whose management model became an example both nationally and internationally. The management we did of the beaches in 2020 was successful. From one day to the next, the guidelines and regulations were changing and that It made us have to adapt to new situations. What we did was adapt all these regulations to the reality of our beaches.”Mónica Gómez has stated.

Work on the subdivision of Benidorm's beaches has already begun for 2021. / Photo: @mi_wel

Now in 2021, and with the experience learned last summer, they have already set to work to make the experience during this season a success again. The first decision has been to re-divide the beaches into 16 m2 areas to comply with the minimum safety distance between people, as well as a distance of 6 meters between the seashore and that area of subdivision to guarantee a safer walk. . On the other hand, so that there is no oversaturation on the Levante beach and thus control their capacity, the reservation system for these plots will be reintroduced at times of greatest tourist influx in the city.

These measures at first caused controversy, but upon glimpsing the result, "at the end of the summer people were very happy with the measure and asked that the plots remain forever, because it is true that never in the recent history of our beaches have you been able to enjoy them with those guarantees of safety and comfort”.

Poniente beach in Benidorm last summer.

Benidorm managed to convey an image and a message of safety to the world and, in fact, it has been used as an example in numerous subsequent studies and evaluations. It managed to guarantee his visitors and neighbors that security for which he worked so hard. Therefore, “our priority right now remains exactly the same as then. Benidorm is a safe tourist destination and its beaches will continue to be for everyone who wants to enjoy them. To do this, we will always adapt to the circumstances of each moment ”.

As for the hammock rental service, at the moment there is no date for its return to operation, so there will still be more space for users in the sandy areas.

Benidorm, without a doubt, has spent decades pampering and caring for its main tourist attraction, the beaches. And as they could not be less, they are prepared for any type of scenario and challenge for this summer.

Benidorm awaits you / Original photo: @mi_wel

(Source: AquíEnBenidorm)

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