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These months are being used by the Benidorm City Council to complete improvement works in various parts of the city. Making it a more accessible location and with greater facilities for pedestrians.

Several of these areas are 'La Garita', 'Ramos Carratalá' and 'Apolo XI' streets. Both improvements are part of one of the measures in the "pedestrianization" plan of the Benidorm Old Town Expansion. As indicated by the mayor of the city, Toni Pérez: “these are 3 interventions in two projects that are marked by the surgical guideline in the urban scene to make a more friendly public space”, where “the pedestrian is the main protagonist and take back the street ”.

In addition to improving accessibility in the downtown area, they have renovated subsoil infrastructures, improved aesthetics and increased the pedestrian space, doubling its sidewalk to guarantee a more pleasant space for walking and transit through this area of the city. "Solutions have been implemented that are already giving very good results in other streets renovated in recent years such as the installation of trees", emphasizes the mayor.

Pedestrianization of the street 'La Garita' / Photo: Diario Información

On the other hand, the 'Tossal de la Cala', which we talked about in a recent post, has also been improved during these weeks. In the archaeological site, which despite the pandemic has received a 'record' of visits during this month of February (more than 2,300 people have come to 'El Tossal'), glass railings have been implemented as in other points of interest tourism in the city in order to improve the visibility of people with functional diversity, whose previous wall prevented.

The glass railings installed in 'El Tossal' improve visibility. / Photo:

Being at the top of a hill, its physical accessibility has also been improved to facilitate the ascent. The City Council has made electric chairs available to visitors with reduced mobility, while 'audio guides' have been installed for visually impaired tourists. In this way, information and data about this historic site are brought much closer in a 'sensory way' to all people alike.

Also in the 'Hermitage of the Virgen del Mar', located in the heights of Tossal, its surroundings have been resurfaced, the signage of the entrances repainted and the lighting in the area has been improved with 'led technology'.

The views from the 'Hermitage of the Virgen del Mar' are really beautiful./ Photo by Tripadvisor

Finally, we also want to emphasize the recent improvement of the Mediterráneo Avenue': whose traffic traffic has been reduced for residents, its sidewalks have been widened and an impressive and modern lighting has been installed (as in the 'Plaza Triangular' ) along this Benidorm artery, giving it an intense white light.

The brand new lighting installed on Mediterráneo Avenue. / Photo:

As you can see, Benidorm is not wasting time. Every day it is more accessible and pedestrians are being given the prominence they have always deserved.

(Sources: AlicantePlaza / DiarioInformación)


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