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Actualizado: 7 abr 2021

The Boca del Calvari Museum, hosts from last Thursday until June 15, a very interesting exhibition of photographs taken in Benidorm in the 60s by Francisco Pérez Bayona, more popularly known as "Quico el Fotographer".

The entrance is free, and the exhibition bears the name of "A disorderly passion" and is made up of around 80 images that reflect the daily life of Benidorm in the 60s and the tourist boom that took place at that time in the town of the Costa Blanca.

Francisco Pérez Bayona, author of the exhibition. Photo: Mercedes Ciges Faura

The mayor of Benidorm, who was present at the opening of the exhibition, stressed that "for decades Quico has reflected in his work the tourist development of the city and also the faces of the women and men who participated in that transformation and that they underpinned the idiosyncrasy of current Benidorm, in which innovation and future projection are combined with looks and 'winks' to the past like the ones we do with this exhibition ”.

'A disordely passion' is divided between the three floors of the museum, the main one containing an image as an introduction to the exhibition, with 'Las Torres' and the 'Pozo del Castell', in the purest "photocall" style.

Levante beach in 1965. / Photo: Francisco Pérez Bayona

On the first floor, his work as a portraitist is shown, with the care and feeling that characterizes Quico in each of his snapshots with Benidorm as the main setting.

Also on this same floor a documentary video about the author's life is projected and the most human and social facet of Quico is explained, with photographs about the daily life of the inhabitants and tourists of Benidorm. He could not miss his most popular work, the snapshot of the French actress Pascale Petit in a bikini. Now it is something that would not surprise practically anyone, but at that time the use of the bikini was something vindictive and almost taboo. It marked a before and after in Spanish tourism history.

The famous photograph taken of Pascale Petit in a bikini. / Photo: Francisco Pérez Bayona

It is undoubtedly an exhibition worth seeing if what you want is to know the history of our city in depth and thus understand it better, as it shows the most important snapshots of those 60s, touching topics such as tourism, local commerce, day to day. day through its streets and portraits. Reflecting in turn all the transformation that Benidorm has undergone from that turning point in relation to Mediterranean tourism.

Francisco Pérez Bayona's artistic career has recently been recognized with the 'Ciutat de Benidorm Cultural Distinction'. We highly recommend that you visit the Boca del Calvari museum (Tomás Ortuño street s / n) and soak up the history of the capital of tourism on the Costa Blanca.

Benidorm has changed a lot since the famous 'tourist boom' took place in the 1960s. / Photo: Francisco Pérez Bayona


(Sources: DiarioInformación / ElPeriòdic)

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